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Registered as a private limited in Nepal 
to support innovation and R&D activities
by a group of 20 engineers and innovation enthusiasts, 
3 does everything possible to help your R&D activities, 
and bring your innovation to the market.

Research and Development

We have been strongly collaborating with research institutes like Phutung Research Institute, Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology to pilot their innovative Water Assessment System (WAS) in Nepal.


We developed and implemented automation and in-process quality control image processing software in leading companies like Surya Nepal Pvt Ltd.

We are developing automated quality control for Tilganga Eye Center in their lens manufacturing line.

If you want to discuss about your R&D needs and services we provide please contact: research(at)

Product Development Services and Incubation

If you have a product idea, we can collaborate to develop the product or provide you all the required incubation services. In addition, we also provide following product development services:

  • 3D design
  • 3D printing (ABS, PLA, others on request)
  • Electronics design
  • Image processing 
  • Artificial intelligence (pattern and image recognition)
  • CNC milling

If you want to discuss about your product development needs and services we provide please contact: services(at)

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services to the industries and agencies on any R&D, engineering, marketing and technology related issues.

If you have these needs please contact: services(at)

Laboratory Supplies

We understand the hassles of importing R&D equipment and materials in Nepal. With Import/Export and trade license, we have a dedicated team to deal with this. Our engineers will always support you with installation and maintenance.

For your R&D equipment needs, please contact : sales(at)

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Nabla Cubed Innovation Pvt. Ltd.
Saptakhel 9, Lalitpur 44700,

Email: info(at)
Phone:(+977) 9823 123 918, (+977) 9745 617 833


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